National Rural Health Day - November 20,2014


Project Turning Point Event - August 15, 2014

On Friday August 15, 2014 the St. Johns Rural Health Network and Project Turning Point Program hosted an award’s recognition luncheon that took place at the Omni Hotel and Resort in Downtown Jacksonville for our five county health departments and twenty community partners. The community partners included Winn Dixie Pharmacy, and specialty services such as Podiatrist and Ophthalmologist, that provided direct services for our Project Turning Point clients.


This was the first time that the St.Johns Rural Health Network and Project Turning Point had an event for our partners to network and share information. The luncheon also included a short presentation as an in-service for our attendees titled “TeamCare Behavioral Interventions” presented by our Health Educators Bernadette Overstreet and Tatiana Ramirez.

The highlight of the luncheon included a success story from one of our clients in the program Mrs. Mora. Mrs. Mora is a very special individual. As a wife, a mother, and a grandmother, Mrs. Mora came to realize that she needed to be in control of her diabetes and not let diabetes take control of her life.  Ms. Mora enrolled in the Project Turning Point January 2010. Her daily blood sugars were occasionally over 150 but less than 200 and on average would be lower, her Hemoglobin A1C was 8.4, but she felt ok. Upon enrollment in the Project Turning Point program, she received one- on- one education at the Clay County Health Department by the health educator and nurses. She and her husband also began attending Diabetes Education classes instructed by Project Turning Point Health Educators. She learned that good control of her blood sugars through medication was not, the only way she was going to keep those blood sugars in control and prevent complications.  As part of her success, she began writing down her glucose results along with her daily food intakes; which helped her notice which foods increased her blood sugars. Mrs. Mora also began eating healthier meals more frequently and eventually it was a lifestyle for her and not a “diet”. She would cook separate meals for the rest of the family but soon enough the family realized that they enjoyed the healthy meals that she was preparing for herself instead. Additionally, Mrs. Mora has a wonderful support system, which in turn helps her stay on track with managing her diabetes through medication, diet, and exercise

She has maintained blood sugars of 130 or less within the past 4 years. She no longer feels as if she has an uncontrollable disease and now she is able to live each day not feeling like she is on a “special diet”.
This was wonderful event and we thank our Project Turning Point Team and partners. Not only did the attendees received awards and was able to network but they were informed about the benefits of the program.  

Project Turning Point clients are those receiving primary care service, at one of our five partnering county health departments ( Baker, Bradford, Clay, Nassau, & Union), and who the medical staff have identified to be at low, medium, high or very high risk for complications from diabetes, as a result of inability to access needed medications/ supplies or to effectively self-manage their medical condition on an ongoing basis (between medical appointments).

Project Turning Point ensures a comprehensive approach to chronic disease management.