Dr. Tatiana Ramirez, Health Educator

Dr. Ramirez. a US native, received her dental degree at the Universidad El Bosque in Bogota, Colombia in 1995. After returning to the US she received a Master’s in Business Administration with a Health Care specialization from the University of Miami in 1998. After a successful period in the dental insurance business arena Dr. Ramirez successfully completed her postgraduate clinical training in the area of Prosthodontics and Dental Implants at the University of Alabama Birmingham in June 2010. She has extensive experience in the dental/medical insurance field and has been an active healthcare volunteer in her community.



Bernadette Overstreet, Program Coordinator

Bernadette first served as the Program Health Educator for the St. Johns River Rural Health Network beginning in 2007, before becoming the Project Turning Point Program Coordinator in 2012.

As the program Health Educator, she served as the Chronic Disease Manager for a group of uninsured diabetics whom were patients at the Clay County Health Department & the Nassau County Health Department. In addition to coordinating with the clients’ physician regarding disease management and disease prevention, she also facilitated health promotion classes & diabetes support groups.

Currently, as the Program Coordinator for Project Turning Point, Bernadette is able to work to help improve access to needed care and assures that residents who are living with chronic disease are managing their condition to reduce their risk of developing serious medical problems that require a visit to the hospital. She also provides “ Worksite Wellness” activities for various companies ( ex; Coach, Baker HVAC) and organizations throughout the Northeast Florida community.

Bernadette’s passion for health promotion stems from a family history of breast cancer, non hodgkins lymphoma & chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Bernadette has two children, Olivia- Gabrielle, and Tatiana-Gabrielle. A strong passion to cater to organizations that provide for infants/ children has evolved through the years of being a mother herself.

She currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Community Health, Health Education and works diligently to enhance the organization’s health promotion, disease prevention & health education department. She is excited to help organizations, programs, and community partner in our network move towards a happier & healthier community.